TCU Remapping

Vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions have a transmission control unit (TCU) or Gearbox control unit (GCU) installed in them. TCU is designed to regulate all the functional aspects of transmissions such as torque limits, gear shift, or speed.

The synchronous working of the ECU Engine control unit and TCU provide real-time data to all the vehicle components. Remapping both control units, the gearbox, and engine, side by side is recommended to boost the performance and driveability of your vehicle.

Why Should You Get a TCU Remap?

The modified gearbox allows you to enjoy improved performance in the following parameters.

Torque Limiters

Increasing the torque limiters up to 20-30% ensures the engine’s optimised performance.

Shift Speeds

Increasing the speed at which the gear changes provides a considerable boost to the vehicle’s driveability. 

Shift Points

Revamped TCU software tends to enhance the RPM limit of the engine.

Hydraulic Pressure

Strengthening clutch clamping pressure provides a firm grip on clutches to avoid accidental slips, even on highly tuned automobiles.

Some TCU’s contains a high level of manipulations that can activate several advanced options such as:

  • Full Manual Mode
  • Launch Control
  • Kickdown Delete

Point to Ponder

Not all gearboxes “need” to be tuned, and not all “can” be tuned. It relies upon the desired performance and application of the vehicle.

Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG) Tuning

No doubt that the DSG gearbox is one of the most exceptional gearboxes ever made. However, like all other gear controlling units, it has its limitations too. We have personalized DSG remaps to knock out all those limiting factors and adjust the setup to accommodate more performance-minded drivers.

Our custom DSG remapping services will modify the following parameters:

Launch Control

DSG tuning activates launch control. It assists your vehicle in making a powerful launch every time, reducing 0-60 mph times by 0.1-0.2 seconds and increasing the thrill.

Increased Torque Limiter

Increase in the DSG torque limiter to match engine torque output through remapping.

Quick Gear Shift

Increased shift speeds improve acceleration and minimize lag, providing a smooth transition between paddle-shift response time and gear changes.

Full Manual Mode

It prevents auto changing in gear when in manual mode. It allows the driver to have complete control over the gearbox.

Shift Set Points and RPM Limits

Easy adjustments in shift set points and RPM limiting values in sports and drive mode.