We at TD Performance are always looking to expand our trade client base and welcome enquires from both individuals that are looking to start up their own mobile business to established garage owners that are simply wishing to expand their portfolio of services. We offer:

  • Very attractive discounts enabling you to boost your profit line, together with posters, leaflets and we will provide artwork for advertisements with your details. We welcome people through out the UK and Ireland as well as Europe.
  • Tuning files are sent quickly and are to a very high standard see below.
  • Full product support, with free personal training and demonstration on how our products work, explaining the technology and how the vehicles performance is enhanced. Product knowledge is always paramount and as this is an ever changing market we offer unlimited support on both installation and product.
  • A complete installation guide on all of our products per vehicle is available for all our authorised dealers and distributors.
  • All our Plug and play boxes are kept in stock and offered on a next day guaranteed delivery, (there are some exceptions where this service is currently unavailable ie Southern Ireland, Europe, delivery times to these areas would be specified individually) this means there is no need for you to carry excessive amounts of stock.

Interested? Then why not contact us for further information or to make an appointment for us to call and see you.


Byteshooter Mini, includes:

  • Byeshooter Hardware
  • Universal Bench Cable
  • Merc Diagnostic connector
  • Serial Connection Adapter
  • 5 Free Tuning Files
  • Full Training on purchase
  • Byteshooter is one of the only tools on the market that does not have an annual fee for updates.
  • £2295 Including VAT


Byteshooter Mini & BDM Package, includes:

  • Byeshooter Hardware
  • Universal Bench Cable
  • Merc Diagnostic connector
  • Serial Connection Adapter
  • 5 Free Tuning Files (OBD only)
  • Full Training on purchase
  • BDM with Probes
  • BDM Mounting Frame
  • £2985 Including VAT



Programming tools are important for a successful start in the chip tuning and ECU programming business, but they are absolutely worthless if you have no files to use them with. Any programming tool, no matter what it offers, is only giving you the possibility to read and write the ECU of a car. The tuning itself is done by the files that you program to the ECU. These files separate the good tuners from the amateurs. Do not take files from amateurs (e.g EBAY) that do not know the details to take care of. Your customers have to be satisfied – not only for a few weeks but for the complete life of their cars. Bad tuning files can cause severe damage on a car or in some cases lock the ECU out completely. Our files are developed by real professionals and tested on a 800kw dyno, so you can be sure your customer will be fully satisfied with the quality you offer. For most vehicles available at the market we offer performance remaps, ECO remaps, speed limiter removal. For most cars, TUV certification is available. Special customer wishes are also no problem. Let us know what your customer wants and we will modify it to your needs. Economy Tuning is a strong growing market, especially for tuning diesel engines. These files are slightly different from normal tuning files. Their setup is focused on increasing the torque, so you can drive with much lower engine revs at the same torque level. This results in a lower fuel consumption. More and more customers ask for this new kind of tuning, so be ahead of your competitors and be among the first who offer it! We can supply you with any file for any car. If you do not have it, we’ll get it for you! That means you email us the file you want to have modified and get it back usually within 1 hour. We supply all tuners with files, no matter what programmer you use or where you bought it. Contact us for more details.


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