HGV Tuning & Remapping Services

Increasing fuel prices and costly maintenance work have made it a challenge for HGV owners and fleet drivers to keep their vehicles upgraded from time to time. Driving economically might save you a tiny amount of money on fuel but would never be enough to revamp your car completely.

Therefore, fleet operators prefer to remap their trucks to improve fuel economy and performance.

What Is HGV Remapping?

Engine Control Unit (ECU) remapping involves the modification in the ECU software to enhance the engine’s functionality and bring the best out of it.

Our remapping experts will travel out to your yard and plug in their computers to access the vehicle’s diagnostic port. Custom software would be uploaded in the truck and will drastically alter its way of responding to inputs.

Advantages of HGV Tuning

  • Alter torque limitations
  • Improve air-fuel ratios
  • Calibrate your truck’s injection timing
  • Boost fuel efficiency
  • Tweak throttle response
  • Increase engine’s durability
  • Improved fuel economy
  • 10-20% more BHP
  • Smooth tractability and much more

The exact number depends on the specifications of your HGV model and the type of engine. So, if you are thinking of tuning your car, our remapping technicians are geared up to make your truck a running rocket.

Remap Stats