Help on Remapping, DPF Removal and ECU Tuning



We can re-map the majority of european cars from about 1996, but if we can’t re-map it, it may still be possible to chip it if neither is possible we could also supply tuning boxes.

No, we will come to you if required. If you are a long distance from us we also offer a MEET & MAP service where we can meet you half way.

Your car dealer cannot determine a software modification with there diagnostic equipment. Since we modify the original program from each car, all engine characteristics and VIN numbers stay the same leaving the modifications undetectable.

By law you must notify your insurance of any modification made to your vehicle again the modification however is undetectable. Basically the change in the engine map is extremely hard to diagnose, even with the right equipment to compare it with. Secondly to say something has been modified you have to compare it to the original and with only one map on the car what can you compare it against to prove it has been modifie

Remapping or Chipping are the same thing just different ways of getting the data from and to the ECU. Older cars and a handful of newer models need the ECU removed from the car and the chip inside the ECU programmed directly. Most modern cars are remapped via the cars diagnostic port or OBD.We extract your cars current data have it analysed and modified. The data we use is written by professional programmers in Germany as we have found that they are the best. All modifications have been previously tested on the same vehicles using a 850Kw Dyno.

Customers have to be satisfied – not only for a few weeks but for the complete life of their cars! Bad tuning files can cause severe damage on a car. Our files are developed by real professionals and tested on a dyno, so you can be sure your customer will be fully satisfied with the quality we offer. The files we provide you with are also certified by German TÃœV, Which is the most difficult certification to get for it!The power reserves of the engine are so large, that you don’t have to expect more engine wear with normal driving. We optimise the settings of the engine without exceeding the limits of the reliability. If the car is driven normally there are little or no decreases of the lifetime! If the car is driven hard over prolonged periods then expect the life of your engine life to decrease.

After the remapping process your car will be more responsive throughout every gear. On diesel cars a gain in MPG will be noticed (depending on driving style). Depending on engine size an average diesel vehicle will gain around 30-40+ bhp and upto 75+ nm of torque, petrol turbo’s offer around 40-50+ bhp and up to 90+ nm of torque. Naturally Aspirated engines again depending on engine size offer up to 20+ bhp and around 45+ nm of torque.

Most cars take about an hour. Some can take up to 2-3 hours.

Since we are not changing any hardware on your car therefore we have nothing to give a warranty on. However, we will do our utmost to help anyone who has a problem. And also return the vehicle to its original setting within 2 year at no extra charge (some remapping companies charge upto £50 for this).

Due to the increased torque at low rpm you are able to shift earlier. The result is that you are driving with an average lower rpm and therefore getting more mpg, but if you drive the car hard you wont get the extra power for nothing.