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Remapping Via OBD (The cars diagnostic port) – From £250

Remapping Via BDM (Background Debug Mode) requires ECU to be removed from the vehicle and programmed with a special tool known as the BDM 100 – From £300

Remapping Via Chip Change or Chip tuning again ECU has to be removed from the vehicle tuning is done by either writing new data directly to the EEPROM (Memory Chip) or replacing the chips with a new chip with our programmed data. From £300

Prices vary depending on ECU type and engine not on the age of the car so it is not necessarily cheaper to get an older car remapped. For example:

  • A pre 2000 VW Mk4 Golf 1.9 TDI Requires chip change – £300.
  • A 2002 VW Mk4 1.9 TDI Golf (EDC15 ECU) via OBD – £250.
  • A 2006 VW MK5 1.9 TDI Golf (EDC16 ECU) Via OBD – £300.

If you can’t find the engine that suits your vehicle  Contact us and we will tell you what can be done with it.