Programming Tools

Programming Tools

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This is a little guide into our tuning tools and what each tool does.

OBD Programming / Diagnostic Port Programming

The cars OBD (on board Diagnostic) port is the most common way for remapping vehicles today. Generally the setup consists of the hardware connected to a laptop with specially written software controlling that software. Various well known models of OBD programmers include:

  • CMD
  • Optican
  • Alientech KESS and Powergate
  • Byteshooter
  • AMT Cartech MPPS
  • Frieling SPI Wizard

ByteshooterMost OBD programmers are available as a MASTER or a SLAVE. With a master you can make your own files or buy files from whoever you wish. The slave devices are locked to there master meaning they can only send there data to there master and can only program data from there master.

BDM Programming (Background Debug Module)

BDM Programming requires an ECU to be removed and a special probe is connected directly to points on the ECU’s circuit board, popular BDM Machines are manufactured by:

  • EVC
  • Alientech
  • CMD (as part of their OBD Programmer

EVC BDM MachineEVC were the orginal producer of the BDM here is a bit about the machine from there website:

This method works only for ECUs with a MPC5xx processor, but works for all of these. It’s necessary to dismantle and open the ECU, but this method allows you to program it as many times as you want. It does not depend on manufacturers and their ODB2 protocols.

Via BDM you can read all parts units in the ECU. This allows you to reset to the previous version, including the error log and the immobilizer as well as the cloning of ECUs.

While the handling is a bit more inconvenient because of the opening of ECU, this method is the sheet anchor that helps avoid the purchase of a new ECU.

BDM100 was developed by EVC which means that the entire know-how, the source codes and technical documents are in-house.

Basically BDM is a last hope tool if you cant read or write the ECU via OBD port or you have had a failed write and are now unable to access the ECU via OBD BDM will normally allow recovery of the ECU or tuning when no other method is available.

For a list of ECU’s covered by BDM please have a look here.

EEprom / Chip Tuning/ Chip Change

Chip TuningMainly for older ECU’s which have either a non flashable chip inside or they can just not be done via the OBD port.

Some older vehicles require the ECU to be removed from the vehicle and then the EEPROM or CHIP to be unsolderdered from the ECU the programmed via an EEprom programmer in some cases the chips need to be changed for new ones as the existing chips can not be reprogrammed.

As this now is becoming quite extinct a lot of tuners do not have chiptuning equipment however if you want to be able to cover every vehicle or offer the most services the equipment is essential, and soldering skills will also be needed this is something that cant really be taught and as they say only practice makes perfect.

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